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Promise words is a technology enabled service organization, in relentless pursuit of excellence, obsessed about customer centricity while focusing on continuous improvement and prudent cost management. Promise words provides the bridge from written to published, imagination to image, and intent to accessibility. We partner with publishers, advertisers, designers, non-profits, educators, and agencies on multichannel media production services: editorial, EPUB, typesetting, ad production, image manipulation, packaging, pre-media and accessibility.


Promise words, is an end-to-end content solutions provider for the academic, custom publishing, education, trade, and travel segments. We provide the full range of services required to take a manuscript to a print or electronic product, including design, composition, art, and XML services. The company’s primary objective is to use experienced publishing professionals, subject-matter experts and technology to provide high quality services cost effectively while achieving quick turnarounds. We aim at providing the customers with hassle-free, user friendly services. We thrive to provide 100% support for our customers and satisfy our customers' growing demands.


Promise words provides expert content services and complete and customized end-to-end solutions for various publishing segments through highly skilled professionals and innovative technology. We offer a full project management service for trade, academic and non-academic books and journals. We enable all areas of the pre-press production process on books and journals, right from the raw manuscript to the final product for Print and Digital Versions.

The team of PROMISE WORDS comprises, we offer you a wide range of services including:


We provide end-to-end page composition services for School, College and STM journals. Our page composition ranges from simple text pages to those containing complex mathematical equations; single column to multi-column; and single colored to multi-colored presentation. Promise words achieves highest quality using composition software which includes LaTeX, InDesign, and QuarkXpress.


We specializes in producing books for various market segments:

Higher Education



Custom Publishing

Graphic Design

At Promise words, we offer professional graphic design resource to manage all aspects of publishers’ design and production needs. Promise words has a team of expert designers who are proficient in converting pencil sketches into clear images. We can create the rough sketches, drawings, and scanned images. We have experienced graphic designers who can render Graphs and Charts/Conceptual Illustrations/Anatomy Drawings and Complex Medical Images/Chemical Structures/Engineering Diagrams




Digital Transformation

Promise words specializes in transforming books, academic content, journals, documents, and manuscripts into easy to access ePublishing formats such as ePub, ePub3, fixed layout eBooks with audio syncing, web ready eBooks, etc., and XML formats including PubMed – including XML tagging and metadata attributes. Promise words has a team with extensive experience in handling very complex books with equations, tables, chemical formulae, etc., with multiple foreign language capabilities.

We can handle conversions to the following formats:

ePub 2

ePub3 (Reflowable and Fixed layout) for the iPad




Google books


Our copy editing and Indexing services give new life to your copy as all sorts of errors are removed and the copy is made more presentable. Established writers rely on copy editors to help them revise their copies. Copy editing services revolve around five C's. Our professional editors makes your 'copy' clear, correct, comprehendible, concise and consistent, thereby increasing the quality of the output above customer's expectations. We ensure each and every manuscript has no errors of spelling, terminology, punctuation, grammatical and semantic. Copyediting ensures proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage while maintaining consistent style and tone, with emphasis on succinct phrasing and language. Indexing:
We specialize in creating accurate and reliable indexes that meet your specifications and are delivered on time. From documents to multi-volume publications, we provide well-crafted indexing for books on various subjects especially author style, structure, and formatting of cross-references. We also provide page-locating service for authors who provide the index words.

Data Conversion

Promise words professionals have the technical expertise and efficiency in typography to ensure the highest accuracy rate in data entry. We provide the best possible data entry services in terms of volume, quality, rapid turnaround, and cost benefits. At Promise words, we are always ready to deliver secure, customized, and integrated data entry solutions, helping our valued customers gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. Promise words uses the following packages for OCR capture, as well as various combinations of OCR and data entry, multi-engine OCR, and OCR and spell check for data entry: ABBYY FineReader, ScanSoft OmniPage, ScanSoft TextBridge, Prime OCR. Our data processing is supported by reliable capturing system, which ensures 99.98% or higher accuracy level.

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